Pediatric Dentistry in Ravenna

Many argue that curing caries affecting the milky teeth is useless. This because they will sooner or later fall and be replaced by the permanent teeth. Unfortunately the milky teeth are constantly at risk, due to them being exposed to a very aggressive type of caries. This would be the feeding bottle caries. Curing these teeth is very important because they cause pain to the child and they make nutrition much more difficult.

The premature extraction of the milky tooth due to caries may affect the correct growth of the bone, thus complicating the emergence of the permanent tooth. Such cases require intervention with dental instruments. Our Dental Studio in Ravenna is specialized in these type of interventions, as we deal every day with pediatric dentistry and the children’ s oral hygiene.

Traumas frequently occur in children during playtime

The teeth may be subjected to fractures and/or root damage. They may be lost. We recommend not throwing away the missing part, Much better conserving it in saline or simply immerging it in a glass of water or milk and taking it immediately to the dentist. In many cases, thanks to the intervention of the pediatric dentist, it is possible to reattach the missing tooth part. This is surely the best alternative to a reconstruction.

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