Invisible Orthodontics in Ravenna

Invisible Orthodontics treatment with INVISALIGN consists of a series of almost invisible and removable aligners that are replaced every two weeks with a new set. They are made specifically and only for your teeth. When the aligners are replaced your teeth will move.

Slowly, week by week, till they are straightened in the final position determined by your dentist. INVISALIGN treatment is convenient and won’t interfere with the child’s life. More than 3 million people, both adults and children, have benefited from this revolutionary technology in orthodontic appliances. The pediatric dentist will render the child’s dental impression and personalize the aligners upon it. They can be removed easily so that the child can eat, brush his/hers teeth and play sports. And, unlike older Pediatric Dental Appliances, INVISALIGN does not cause soreness inside the mouth or on the gums.

Benefits are immediate because the teeth alignment starts immediately. The aligners are transparent, almost invisible, so they won’t interfere with your children’s smiles. Invisible orthodontics is thus an innovative treatment that is absolutely not invasive. Come visit us for a consultation at our Dental center in Ravenna.

Invisalign, how does it work?