Better to prevent today than suffer tomorrow

Pediatric orthodontics in Ravenna for your kids

The children’s organism is in constant evolution and a focused intervention, if required, can help it grow following the correct parameters. During a visit the teeth alignment is analysed, the musculature and the articulation of the face is checked to determine if an intervention with orthodontic instruments is necessary. In those cases it is possible to correct eventual bone growth problems with fixed or mobile orthodontic appliances. Their efficiency is greater if applied promptly.

Hygiene and Prevention

  • Teaching brushing techniques and controlling plaque with disclosing drops
  • Sealing of dental grooves
  • Fluoridation and nutrition education
  • Education about a proper oral breathing and nasal cleansing

Infantile Orthodontics and Skull Facial Growth

  • Monitoring the little Patient’s skull- facial growth with early interception of malocclusions
  • Orthodontic cures for a correct teeth and mandibular structures alignment

Clinical pediatric dentistry

  • Cure and prevention of small caries in both the deciduous and permanent teeth

Knowing how to enter their universe

It requires a little touch of magic, that goes beyond the doctor’s culture, preparation and training. Orthodontics for children is a true art that our Ravenna clinic knows how to do it.

First time to the dentist

Inside our pediatric orthodontics center in Ravenna the doctor will make the little Patient very comfortable. He will explain to him, using funny and light words, everything he needs to go through the first visit. And, last but not least, a ride and spin in the dentist’s super chair!


After meeting the Patient, the dentist studies and analyses the case, proposes a personalized cure and estimates the costs.

Treatment Admission

The parent will take the necessary time to consider the costs and ask all questions regarding the treatment solutions. Once accepted he may be admitted for treatment in our childhood orthodontics studio in Ravenna.